Sample of PeakSkills Client Reports

?Switching to Peakskills E Learning Platform was a great decision for us. Peakskills has created a tool that engages the learner and makes e learning interactive. It?s more than just videos and text. Another important decision factor for us was to find a site that was easy to create courses with.

Even with all the added features, Peakskills is very user friendly with step by step easy to follow instructions for creating your pages and courses.?
– Mark Hemmerdinger, Director Crestwood Country Day School

?Twin Oaks Day Camp used the Peakskills training program for the summer of 2010. It saved us many hours of onsite training while allowing us to expose out staff to more information. The best part was that we could get a report from each staff member when the required course was completed?
– Cheryl Abbani, Director Twin Oaks Day Camp

“Through Peakskills Learning, we have been able to add dynamic training sessions to our in-person orientations. Peakskills Learning allowed us to take our staff manual and incorporate it into the eLearning format. We had our staff complete the “online orientation” prior to the in-person orientations.

Previously, going over the staff manual during the in-person orientations would take up 1-2 hours of time that could have been better used to train our staff on topics such as behavior management or conflict resolution. We are now able to use that extra time constructively and our in-person orientations have improved tremendously.”
– Mike Jennings | Woodmont Day Camp Program Director

?It was a great way to reach out to younger staff and let them learn in a way they are accustomed to ? in a technological way. It?s also a way to for counselors to gain knowledge outside of the typical face to face training setting.?
– Blue Rill Day Camp

?The Web Based Training I took before camp began really helped me learn alot more about kids than I thought I already knew. As they say it’s never too late to learn something knew n with the kids I had on my route this summer every day was not only a joy with them but eye opening as well which made the summer fly by so quickly besides being enjoyable.?
– Crestwood counselor

?I found this years experience useful. The videos were especially effective and helpful in preparing me for the summer. They gave great tips on working with kids that were useful during the summer.?
– Crestwood counselor

?I was impressed by how everything was set up on the same page. It was similar to the Blackboard system I used in college.?
– Crestwood counselor

?The Web Based Training was very well done I especially liked the videos that went along with the certain parts of the training. Opened my eyes up to soooo many things n helped me be more attentive to things going on.?
– Crestwood counselor

?It was an effective way to give staff members a good idea of how they would be working during the summer.?
– Crestwood counselor

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