Ecourse Development and Delivery

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With the PeakSkills eLearning hosted LMS Service, you can design, develop and deliver sophisticated, interactive, multimedia eCourses for training your staff or customers.

  • Training staff  to the point of behavior change so their performance measurably improves,  using eLearning tools to easily develop eCourses
  • Easily educating sales people, using eCourses, to the latest products and services so that they are fully informed and ready for action
  • Leading customer service people to practice, practice, practice through eLearning courses delivered from the hosted LMS service
  • Teaching your clients ?How To? steps to the point of mastery, using our eLearning software and tools
The PeakSkills e-Learning Platform is easy, affordable and flexible. This eLearning LMS learning system was designed by a team of learning specialists to promote and track behavior change.
What’s more, it’s within your control. Anyone on your staff can author our eLearning Courses or edit them? No need to have custom eCourses designed for 10s of thousands of dollars.
PeakSkills eLearning hosted LMS, eLearning Software and  eLearning Tools, and eLearning Platform Benefits
    • All-in-one inexpensive e-learning software solution totally under control of client
    • Easy-to-design sophisticated ‘behavior change’ eCourses
    • Don’t need outside e-Learning  Software or Authoring tools, or expensive instructional designers
    • Easily editable eLearning Courses
    • ECourses are easy to modify for different groups, departments, etc. using our Authoring Tools
    • Built-in e-Learning Software and Authoring Tools to rapidly develop interactive courses
    • Optional eLearning Development Certification
    • eLearning hosted LMS service (Learning Management System) for enrollment, eCourse delivery, and course reports of scores, time on task, etc.
    • Can become an inexpensive e-Learning University or virtual university
    • Has never crashed
    • Excellent customer service
    • Ideal for blended learning (webinars or in-person training plus e-Learning Courses)


Do you need to provide proprietary training to employees, members, distributors, clients?
Delivering self-paced eLearning courses over the internet has never been easier!
The award-winning PeakSkills eLearning Platform features a cost-effective eLearning hosted LMS system(Learning Management System) with built-in eLearning Authoring Tools and  Software for Authoring and Development in an elearning design and development environment – an all-in-one-solution for design, development and delivery of sophisticated interactive eCourses with full multimedia for higher level learning – and it is easy to use.
The PeakSkills eLearning Platform is the only eLearning Software and Authoring Tools that allows you to easily develop eCourses in a learning and development environment that delivers higher level learning – real trackable BEHAVIOR CHANGE.
And it is perfect for Blended solutions: Get your learners started in a webinar environment and then have them go to a self-paced eCourse. During the self-paced eCourse, they will create Journal entries, Goals and Action Plans and Self-assessments to track their progress. Then, call them to the next webinar and give feedback on results. This way your learners are held accountable not only for finishing the course but for real BEHAVIOR CHANGE, the dream of all coaches, learning and development professionals, trainers and leadership experts.
Our one-stop self-paced eLearning hosted LMS service with eLearning Software and Tools for authoring and development allows you to save time, money and energy while insuring that your staff or customers are fully trained. Our solution is uniquely flexible while being extremely cost-effective. Develop your interactive multimedia eCourses, including pre and post-assessments, click Publish and you are ready to go.

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