Saskatchewan Polytechnic Faculty Association Collective Agreement

by admin on April 12, 2021

Our HR Advisory Services department consists of HR advisors and assistants on each campus to provide service and support to our teachers, staff and executives. HR advisors provide clients with commercial and strategic support to guide their teams in achieving Saskatchewan Polytechnic`s strategic goals. Our front-line personal assistants assist each campus community in processing claims for benefits, compensation and other general employment positions. Recruit, restructure or maybe retire – Your campus HR team is here to help meet all your employees` life needs! -Visit to receive instructions on accessing emails from personal computers. The relevant police are investigating the incident. As more information on this topic is available to the public via traditional and social media, people can ask you questions. It is important that all employees exercise caution in their public communications. Saskatchewan Polytechnic has appointed a spokesperson and channels for the public exchange of information. Just a reminder that there will be an election for the SPFA president.

A virtual forum of questions and answers is provided as follows: . Just a reminder that the SPFA`s virtual general meeting is scheduled for November 5, 2020. Bill Grosskleg obtained a majority and a majority and is therefore elected. In accordance with the SPFA Constitution, devolution will take place at the next scheduled meeting of the Executive Council. . Below is a screenshot of eBallot`s results: Sask Polytech supports its employees in personal and family life through a variety of flexible work arrangements. There may be different types of work arrangements that meet your needs and lifestyle, including part-time work or job sharing. Given our geographic presence, we also use technology to our advantage and make sure we enjoy our time and travel. Being good and balancing your professional life creates our strong and vibrant community.

Several documents can be found on the protected page of the SPFA website under the AGM menu: Wally HurlbertDirector Health, Safety and Betty MutwiriDirector Human Resources Strategy Our saskatchewan Polytechnic team, both informative and professional, works to support, train and mentor tomorrow`s staff. This requires hundreds of efforts, with roles ranging from the course director to the graphic designer, to the budget analyst, to the computer programmer. The human resources strategy around staff engagement and innovative strategies to help SaskPolytech achieve our goals. Work with clients and leaders to advance our institutional priorities and initiatives to be Canada`s first polytechnic. Current priorities include management development, organizational efficiency and change management, compensation and compensation programs, and the implementation of our representative human resources strategy and programs. Since no candidate received a majority of the votes cast, a second round of voting is required for campus vice-president Moose Jaw.

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