E-Learning for Publishers and Training Companies

PeakSkills e-Learning for Publishers, Authors and Trainers

The PeakSkills e-Learning Platform allows Publishers, Authors and Trainers to design, develop and deliver sophisticated ‘How To’ e Learning Courses.

It is easy, quick and affordable! Design and develop sophisticated, interactive, multimedia eCourses to the point of ‘behavior change’. Include interactive workbook components, self-assessments, skills drills, action plans and journals.

Create e-Courses for:

. Educational materials
. Emotional Intelligence
. Leadership
. Relationship issues
. Parenting
. Bullying
. Compliance policies
. Etc.

Contact Fred Klarer, PeakSkills VP of Marketing and Sales to learn more and to set up a demo.
fklarer@peakskillslearning.com or 631-923-1033

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