About Peakskills

In 1992, PeakSkills Learning Systems (formerly MultiMedia Associates) became a pioneer in the e-Learning industry by designing, developing and delivering custom e-Learning programs. From the start, we made it our business to provide outstanding client service mixed with highly successful e-Learning programs that translated into bottom line behavior change.

From 1992-2003, PeakSkills Learning Systems proved its expertise in
e-Learning as a custom boutique. We won ten major Keyspan Energy R&D Initiative Project Awards and served as e Learning developers for such clients as GE Harris, San Francisco Airport and Santa Clara Public Health Department.

In 2004, PeakSkills Learning Systems launched the PeakSkills e-Learning Design, Development and Delivery Platform, a Learning Management System (LMS) solution.

The PeakSkills e-Learning Platform, an ASP-hosted solution, allows any individual or organzation to design, develop, deliver, assess and manage online learning – quickly and effectively.

Develop your own powerful e Learning courses or let us develop them for you using the PeakSkills Authoring Tools (part of the PeakSkills e Learning Platform). Our tools and courseware base themselves on The PeakSkills Learning Method, drawn from the fields of the cognitive neuro-sciences, accelerated learning, educational psychology and neuro-linguistic programing. eCourses based on the PeakSkills Learning Method helps clients and/or employees to make requiered behavior changes and develop higher level learning that lasts.

PeakSkills Learning Systems also offers e-Learning Instructional Design Certification.

· Curriculum Developers’ Software Award for “Captain Energy and his EcoAdventures”,1997
· National Library Association Award for “Captain Energy and his EcoAdventures”, 1998
· LISA Award from LISTNET for GE Harris eLearning Project, 1999
· LISA Award for San Francisco Airport Compliance Training Program, 2003
. LISA Award for PeakSkills e-Learning Platform, 2004
· Ten R&D Initiative Program Awards from KeySpan Energy/LIPA, 1993-2002

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